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Micro Needle Derma Roller with LED Light Therapy OEM


Apart from other skin rejuvenation processes, micro-needling treatment is the only one that makes aging skin thicker and rougher by stimulating collagen production during new cell formation. The other skincare procedure ensures safety and provides natural skin rejuvenation; therefore, it effectively removes wrinkles fine lines. This procedure also acts as a highly effective natural remedy to improve skin thickness and texture in older people, treating imperfections on the relief of photoaging after skiing or beach vacations.

Moreover, the LED light component of this treatment tries to solve several skin issues, such as acne and pigmentation, due to too much sun exposure. The final picture is skin that seems more youthful, smoother and healthier reviving a visible radiance. The therapy not only reduces the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet but also targets issues connected to acne-prone skin, pigmentation, and sun pre- as well as post-exposure, thereby helping in resolving a variety of skin problems.

About Micro Needle Derma Roller with LED Light Therapy

Unlike traditional treatments, the micro needle custom derma roller with LED light therapy is a revolutionary skincare tool that provides an innovative and organic solution to skin rejuvenation. This revolutionary skin resurfacing device triggers a natural process of regeneration and repair in the epidermal layers, resulting in firmer, tighter-looking skin as well as radiantly improved skin. Unlike most other skincare treatments, this dermaroller is safe and delivers a natural skin rejuvenation, making it possible to even out wrinkles around the eyes while reducing fine lines as well as crow’s feet.

What makes this therapy unique is that it provides a natural option for improving the thickness and texture of old skin. However, this does not only revolve around the visible signs of aging but also focuses on promoting overall skin health and youthfulness. This ensures it is a perfect formulation to address photo-aging concerns after sun or beach exposure for various skin imperfections.

This sophisticated treatment does not just help in minimalizing fine lines and wrinkles, but it also addresses acne-related problems such as pigmentation issues pre or post-sun exposure. This derma roller stimulates the skin and renders a more rejuvenated, evened out, healthy complexion. With continued practice, users should see noticeable changes in the skin texture, coloration, and glow which makes it a complete solution for various types of environmental skincare concerns. Use the power of natural skin renewal with micro needle derma roller, and unveil a greater youthful appearance.


– Reduces visible lines
– Accelerates skins natural regeneration response
– Improves product absorption
– Enhances glowing skin
– Deal with skin problems such as acne, pigmentation issues before and after sun exposure, among other general skin care concerns

How to Use Derma Roller with LED Light

1. Cleanse Skin

2. Balance PH of Skin with a toner

3. Use the LED Roller over face for 60 seconds

4. Enhance results with serum

Use with included USB Charger OR 1 x 4LR44 6V Battery (not included)


Depth: 40 MM
Height: 170 MM
Width: 50 MM
Gender: for women or man
Classification: middle market
Skin Type: all types