Original Derma Roller Manufacturer

Derma Roller Manufacturer

We have been a dedicated derma roller manufacturer in China since 1998. We produce derma rollers and microneedling beauty tools only. And we work with brand customers, medical clinics, and plastic surgery centers worldwide.

For Body

Needling your tummy, legs and other larger areas

For Face

Improve pigmentation issues and skin surface

For Beard

Promote healthier, thicker beard and growth care

For Hair

Stimulates various hair growth responses

Instant stock to ship

The Best Microneedling Factory

Xdermaroller Manufacturing is the earliest and biggest derma roller manufacturer in China over 25 years of experience. Our derma roller products include 192 derma roller, 540 derma roller, derma roller for eye, derma roller for body, and other microneedling tools. And we also work together with many top beauty machine manufacturers, endeavoring to innovate and improve quality.
We have a European CE certificate, which helps our products enter the global medical beauty market successfully. Our market has extended to the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, and other regions
We have enjoyed a sound reputation from our customers in the dermatological departments of hospitals, beauty clinics, and beauty salons worldwide.

192 derma roller is real needles
540 derma roller fake needles
20+ Years Experience

Exclusive derma roller source factory

International Certificates

FDA,CE,ROHS,Reach, TUV/SGS, etc.

Worry Free Warranty

Replace directly, no maintenance

Make It Yours

Custom Microneedle Derma Rolling System

Set up your own brand and market development quickly with our OEM services. What’s more, your requirements—new ideas, samples, drawings, etc.—to develop the innovative microneedling tools are highly appreciated.

As a professional producer, our goal is to supply high quality products and excellent service to our customers around the world all the time.

Your trust and support make us success, we will work hard constantly for the developing of new and best products and provides perfect solutions for all skin lesions with great enthusiasm to creat beauty for you.

medical grade material

Microneedle Products

We pride ourselves on our high quality materials. We offer high-quality, trusted, and well-reviewed rollers made from 100% safe medical grade titanium microneedles. Not only that, but our luxurious, smooth matte finish will make you want to spend more time on self-care without breaking the bank.

192 Derma Roller

Made of real cone-shaped 192 grade A titanium. NOT disks disguised as needles, you can clearly feel the difference between them.

540 Derma Roller

Compared with the regular ones, our micro needles can much better create reasonable micro-channels to get a better result.

Ice Rollers

Reduce burns, redness, irritation of skin, relief of migraines. Not only a facial roller, but also can be used as massage tool for whole body relaxing.

Jade Rollers

Made of 100% natural rose quartz. Known as the “heart stone,”  it provides cooling and energizes the skin.It is ideal for your whole body.


Microneedling Blog

Xdermaroller has been a trusted derma roller manufacturer since 1998. Promote skin repair to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks with our microneedle derma rollers.

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