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Parameter Reference

Dimensions: 1.0mm, 0.75mm, 0.25mm, 2.0mm, 0.5mm, 0.3mm, 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 0.2mm, 3.0mm
Skin Care Features: Lighten Color, Spot Relief, Dark Sore, Pore Thinning, Nutrition Input, Decrease Slender Line, Cell Regeneration, Relief Stretch Marks, Complexion Improvement
Type of Needles: 300/720/1200
Needle Material: Medical Stainless Steel
Skin Care Product: 4-in-1 Derma Roller
Gross Weight/Package: 21.0 kg
Package Size: 54.0*45.0*33.0 cm
Medical Version: Integrated Sealed Sterile Package
Available Needle Sizes: 300 needles for the eye, 720 needles for the face, 1200 needles for the body

Benefits of Derma Roller 4 in 1 Kit

– Smoothes fine lines and deep wrinkles
– Enhances skin texture
– Diminishes crow’s feet
– Minimizes laugh lines
– Diminishes depressed acne scars
– Reduces ice pick and chickenpox scars
– Lessens hyper-pigmentation
– Addresses age spots and sun-damaged skin
– Shrinks enlarged pores
– Drastically improves the appearance of stretch marks
– Boosts collagen and elastin fibers by up to 1000%
– Enhances the absorption of skincare products by up to 3000%

4 in 1 Derma Roller Kit Overview

Feel a total 4 in 1 derma roller kit for the face, body, neck, and scalp with the protection of the box to avoid any damage or loss. This kit features a dedicated area for easy and safe roller head replacements.


1. Roller handle with a non-slip design for better control
2. Roller head for the sensitive under-eye region is very effective
3. Increases the overall effectiveness and absorption of skincare products
4. It eliminates deep wrinkles and also reduces acne scars.
5. Suitable for anti-aging and scar removal procedures.
6. Made with titanium needles to minimize the effects of hyperpigmentation.
7. Decreases the incidence of stretch marks and cellulite while also improving skin thickness
8. A microneedling tool promotes hair growth by stimulating skin regeneration.
9. This derma roller set will take your skincare regimen to the next level, delivering tailored solutions for numerous skin concerns and body parts.

Discover the key to looking younger, as you will be able to appear 10 or at least 15 years younger in just a few weeks. This multi-faceted instrument was created to tackle various skin issues and achieve many spectacular outcomes.

The Benefits of 4 in 1 Derma Roller Kit

1. Deep-seated and subtle wrinkles
2. All scars, including acne scars
3. Stretch marks
4. Cellulite
5. Unattractive large pores
6. Areas of excessive hair loss

Experience a complete face care kit with three distinct rollers, each featuring sterilized titanium micro-needles tailored to different skin types and problems:
1. Eyes and lips: 300-count (1/5mm length)
2. Face: 720-count (1.0mm length)
3. 1.5mm (count 1200) for the body
All the elements are in a travel storage case with an integrated disinfection tank for convenience.

Observe a visible change within only several days! Using this painless and safe tool, the 4-in-1 Derma Roller stimulates collagen as well as elastin production beneath the skin level to bring your natural youth back.

Important Information

Results, however, may differ in accordance with the individual influences of diet, regimen, physical activity, and observance patterns due to natural healing forces. For those who have skin problems, it is highly advisable to ask a doctor before using this particular product.

Suitable for all skin types
Roller heads are manufactured out of sterilized titanium micro-needles.
Painless, gentle, and non-invasive

Kit includes:

1. Eye Roller and Lip (300 needle count, with 5mm length)
2. Full-face roller system (with 720 needle count and 1.0mm needles length)
3. Body roller (needle count of 1200, needle length of 1.5mm)
4. Derma roller handle with interchangeable rollers.
5. Travel Case with an Inbuilt Disinfecting Tank